Strong Boyle connection to ‘Home for Christmas’ project

There is a strong Boyle connection to a new virtual project currently running at Roscommon Arts Centre.

‘Home for Christmas’ aims to explore memories of Christmas and the important role being at “home” plays during this special time of year.

Fregoli Theatre Company are behind the project and although Galway based, have a strong Boyle connection – its artistic director Maria Tivnan and Jarlath Tivnan, writer and performer, are both from Cournameelta, just outside Boyle and their rural upbringing and Roscommon itself has had a very significant impact on the company’s theatre making.

With the festive season looming and still so much uncertainty out there about what Christmas 2020 will actually look like, Fregoli Theatre Company want to capture people’s memories and the family traditions of what “home” at Christmas time means to them for this new virtual project, developed in association with the Creative Ireland Roscommon programme, which will be released in time for the festive season.

“Home for Christmas” aims to explore memories of Christmas and the important role being at “home” plays during this special time of year. To be part of this unique event, we are asking you to share your stories of Christmas, remembered or imagined, by either writing them down or drawing something and submitting it online to Fregoli or dropping it into us at the arts centre.

The company will then gather all of these memories and traditions and create a virtual response online which will be released over the festive season.

Fregoli Theatre Company, formed in 2007, aims to produce and perform energetic, stimulating contemporary work. Past stage productions include “The Heart Project”, “You Could Be Us” and “Pleasure Ground”. Fregoli Theatre are Roscommon Arts Centre’s theatre company in residence for 2020 and Their residency is aptly named “Finding Home”.

“Home can mean so many different things; what surrounds us, our thoughts, memories, who or what we feel connected to” says Maria Tivnan, “It is a topic we as a company have been fascinated with for quite some time, how home can feel, look like or be experienced both internally and externally. The residency at Roscommon Arts Centre gave Fregoli a home which was disrupted and changed by the pandemic, ideas around home have now changed for many people, and it is perhaps more vital than ever to explore this.”

Submissions can be uploaded by clicking on this link:

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Closing Date for submissions: Friday 6th November 2020

(Pic courtesy Roscommon Arts Centre)

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