‘Boyle Rooms Group’ provide ‘Scattered Hotel’ update

The ‘Boyle Rooms Group’ have provided an update on the Scattered Hotel idea that was first mooted for Boyle back in 2017.

The Italian derived Scattered Hotel  or “Albergo Diffuso” model is described as “an innovative form of hospitality that sees various floors of buildings converted into high quality accommodation”.

Update from Scattered Hotel to Boyle Rooms Idea:

“The feasibility study for the Scattered Hotel in Boyle identified potential financial challenges with the proposed hotel model and its associated overhead costs.  Following a comprehensive review of the study, a group of 6 town centre property owners investigated an alternative model to capture the potential market identified.  A presentation on “Boyle Rooms” was compiled using the independently researched data from the feasibility study and further research carried out by the group.  The model proposed, similar to the scattered hotel, would utilise existing buildings in the town centre, reduce dereliction and enhance streetscapes but would not have the associated “hotel like” overhead costs.  The Boyle Rooms project would have provided a mix of year round self catering and hostel style accommodation providing 33 rooms and 16 hostel beds for Boyle town centre.  This model would have led to an increased tourism spend and jobs in the town, Fáilte Ireland research states the average tourist spends 30% on accommodation and the remaining 70% on other items in the locality.  This was not seen as a replacement for a hotel in Boyle – it would complement and work in tandem with a hotel – increasing the tourist accommodation offerings in the town targeting those interested in self catering options”.

“The Boyle Rooms project needed significant capital investment to bring these properties back to life, the new project was presented to the relevant Minister of State in May 2018 who felt the project “ticked all the boxes” for the upcoming Rural Regeneration and Development Fund.  The project was then presented to Boyle Town Team and Roscommon County Council via the Boyle Municipal Council who both backed the application for a Category 2 (project development) Rural Regeneration and Development Fund submission.  Roscommon County Council then prepared and made the submission to the relevant Department in September 2018 for consideration.  Unfortunately at the end of 2018 we discovered that this application was unsuccessful.  There was a second call for Category 2 Rural Regeneration and Development Fund announced in February 2020, the Boyle Rooms group again contacted Roscommon County Council to see if an application could be submitted for the project, but were informed it would not fit the criteria of the scheme and would not be deemed eligible.  The council were unaware of any other funding schemes which may be suitable for this project at that time.  The property owners were willing to invest private capital but also needed an element of support to make the project viable.  Disappointingly after exhausting all current available avenues of funding, the project is currently in a dormant state”.

“The group involved in Boyle Rooms appreciate and support all that Roscommon County Council are doing for Boyle town in conjunction with various local groups. Some great projects have recently been completed and with much more planned and in the pipeline, it is great news for Boyle”.

“If any new funding opportunities arise which would make this project viable, the owners are still interested in investing. Moving forward with this project would complement the hugely positive work and plans for Boyle and assist in capturing the more lucrative overnight tourism market creating the associated spin off for many businesses in the town”.

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